I studied Fine Art up to degree level back in the 80’s. After spending 26 years in the teaching profession, I now work full time as a artist and animator.


Taking the Leap into Animation

What I love about the medium of animation is that it relentlessly makes demands on both sides of my brain; at the same time as being creative, I’m constantly analysing how I can get  things to move. Of course, as soon  as things start moving, you start telling a story. Life, our thoughts, our bodies and our points of view are always moving.


I work on both my own projects and collaboratively with other artists across different media.

PhD with Leeds Beckett University and the Northern Film School

I’m currently in the very early experimental stages of developing animations for a PhD project. I’m giving the project the working title ‘In Search of Ariadne’s Thread’. It’s a long term project which will explore themes of dreaming,  remembering, and mythology. It requires me to stretch my story telling and drawing skills skills, while remaining reflective and analytical.

Studio Practice


Two activities have particularly transformed my studio practice:

  1. Collaboration with other artists.
  2. Exploring digital technology.

Collaboration with other Artists

Collaboration with artists who use different media has led to cross-pollination, 

not just of subject matter, but also in my use of media and process. I have increasingly found myself moving between using drawing and writing, painting, music and sound, as well as still and moving images. 

Using Digital Technology 

Cross pollination has been made possible by the rapid development and easy access to digital technology. The ease of transference of information between the digital platforms of word processing, visual art, sound recording and music making means that the dialogue between creative media has the potential to be far more fluid than ever.

My Approach to Animation

I work in both analogue and digital environments.


I approach my animations very much like a poet would. I start with fragments, single images, and short clips, single words and phrases, then I play around with sequencing and layering until metaphors and meaning emerge from the process.